library card art pack number 14

libcardart14_1of3y libcardart14_2of3ylibcardart14_3of3y
three original drawings in pencil, ink and wash on vintage library cards (the kind that used to sit in a pocket attached to the back inside cover, and would be stamped by the librarian at sign-out) ; marks from the card’s use (signatures, stamps, etc) appear in the background ; the cards with the most age (sun yellowing, stains, etc) and marks are the ones I like best; usually 3 x 5 inches; titles are: Monopoly, Victoria & Albert, and unknown (too obscured)

working in a trailer these days, and blasted by air-conditioning, to the point where I go outside to warm up, and feel strange all the way through


so many i’s


so many i’s / an original painting on cradled wood board / 10 x 20 inches

an ink drawing on found paper

led to mounting that on the inside of book board (the entire cover, including spine, opened)

which led to cutting that book cover in half,

and painting something new on one half

and then mounting both halves on cradled wood board

and adding elements of collage

which led to painting and integrating and otherwise making it whole,

all these ingredients or personalities

cigar-tin story number 190


cigar-tin story #190, contains the story “hopes”. shown as packaged. the story inside is about receiving a rejection letter (for a manuscript), and what rejection really means. an excerpt…

She turned off her laptop completely, which she never did, and then took it into the bedroom and put it on top of her dresser, which she never did either. She sat down on the edge of the bed and thought about that. She thought, too, about the low curve of her bad posture, the way she hunched with her hands in her lap, and how she could sense her compressed insides but have no real notion of them, what she was really made of, how her parts worked, and even the sustained thought of that left her staring and leaning slightly to one side.

I should get out of here, she said out loud.

short waves

short waves

short waves; mixed media on cradled wood board; 9 x 12 inches; painting on a book cover, then pressing that (with paint) to board, then painting more, then varnish; the book cover is found – removed from a text book rescued from the sidewalk, a painting like a many-layered cake, a goodbye cake for the sailor girl, for poor audrey, a last look before the long waves

second thoughts

second thoughts

second thoughts on radio theory; {detail}; HB pencil and red acrylic ink on paper, then pressed (with paint) into cradled wood board, then varnished; 5.5 x 8.5 inches; the original ink drawing is on found paper (title page torn from a book called ‘Second Thoughts on Radio Theory’); an aristocrat, a waiting lady from a gilded age