library card art pack number 14

libcardart14_1of3y libcardart14_2of3ylibcardart14_3of3y
three original drawings in pencil, ink and wash on vintage library cards (the kind that used to sit in a pocket attached to the back inside cover, and would be stamped by the librarian at sign-out) ; marks from the card’s use (signatures, stamps, etc) appear in the background ; the cards with the most age (sun yellowing, stains, etc) and marks are the ones I like best; usually 3 x 5 inches; titles are: Monopoly, Victoria & Albert, and unknown (too obscured)

working in a trailer these days, and blasted by air-conditioning, to the point where I go outside to warm up, and feel strange all the way through


library card art

As someone who grew up with library sign-out cards, it made me shudder to find them in piles beside computer terminals, to be used as scrap paper –– they seemed too much like artifacts for something like that. They had too much history, too much character. So I started collecting them, almost absent-mindedly, with no real idea of what I would do with them.

But then thank god for transparent ink. So now I’ve started drawing on them. You can find the beginnings of a collection here.