the planet of masks and decadent dilemmas


the planet of masks and decadent dilemmas; a book art object, 5.75 x 8.75 inches. This title is completely invented (I can’t even remember what the original title was), and since the book is sealed, its contents are up to your imagination. I suspect there is some science fiction involved.

Two book art objects, lately (a book art object is a vintage book that I’ve sealed and repurposed as art). This second one is called PPPPPP.


5 1/8 x 7 1/2 x 3/4 inches. I’m using a gel varnish these days that enhances colour and gives things a finish as smooth as glass.

I like creating book art objects. They travel anywhere and require no installation –– just a mantle or shelf or a corner of your cubicle. They are original, hand-made things in a world sick and brimming with just the opposite.


three library card art sets

These make up a set called “math and physics things” –– algebra, aviation, networks, relativity and combustion processes. With the science cards I just draw what I please, as life is short and one only has so much time to invest in an illustration for “Introduction to Modern Algebra and Matrix Theory”.

This one I call “SOCIOLOGY AND CULTURE LIBRARY CARD ART SET” –– economics, elites, social reality. This theme allows more in, given the endless expressive nature of the human face and form.

A set on writers and writing. Now we can be a bit more specific: Heroic Poetry, by Sir Cecil M Bowra; The Penguin Book of American Short Stories; Ezra Pound, by GS Fraser; How to Write Short Stories, by RW Lardner; The Poetical Works of P.B Shelley.

With all of these I’m just trying to assemble something varied and lively. You can see more of my work here.

Lemmy Caution


it’s my only weapon against fatality / an original ink and wash drawing on book paper / 8 3/8 x 11 inches

Lemmy Caution is the hard-boiled detective from a range of European film noirs, although his most known (and strangest) role is the 1965 Jean-Luc Godard film Alphaville, which placed Caution in a dystopian science fiction setting where he matches wits with a HAL-type of supercomputer. It’s a trip.


into the gloom (that most fashionable gloom)

Sides one and two of a vertical banner called ‘into the gloom’; it hangs like so …

… other details are here. I like the vertical banner, the victorious nature of it, plus something vaguely Asian.

Let me confess something: I only blog at night and at that time I often have no idea what to say. Which is vastly different from having nothing to say –– I do have things to say, and often I’ve thought about these things earlier in the day, and perhaps even made notes on them. But then something happens right after supper, right after my kid’s bath, as I’m lying here in the bedroom, with my laptop, and that something is a kind of nothingness, or a blank. I just can’t think what I wanted to say (and often I can’t even think to look at those notes). It’s as if my mind goes off the clock, and I’m left with the dead internal air of an office that’s closed for the day.

Sasha (veiled) // library card art pack no. 10 // escape from a dreaming planet // another day burned away


library card art packs

I spent some time today making library card art packs – sets of three original drawings in pencil, ink and wash on old library cards (the kind that used to sit in a pocket attached to the back inside cover, and would be stamped by the librarian at sign-out). I’ve sold a lot of individual library card art pieces at craft fairs, but for online vending I think they move better as a set, so that a buyer can frame a favourite, use one as a gift and another as a bookmark.

I love to repurpose obsolete things as artworks. I’ve saved a lot of these cards over the years, so more will be forthcoming.


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