as all the heavens were a bell / and Being but an ear / and i and silence some strange race / wrecked, solitary, here


The front/first page of my Flickr. I enjoy seeing the work at this size, like postage stamps.




Some recent art on book board. As much as I dig repurposing old and/or discarded items, and celebrating the ruin in that, I need to move on to some cleaner, sparer work. People are intimidated by the busy, I find; it’s as if they look but don’t see.


A sample of the latest library card art. I paint them over lunch these days (a cheap way to salvage any morning).

So here’s to November … the month that heralds the death knell of Fall, the forgettable opening act of Winter, and the uncomfortable waiting room for the long night of the soul that is Christmas.

p.s. The title is from Emily Dickenson.



Spent all day on support material (posters, evites, ebook cover, blog button, etc) for a book we’re soon launching for Cowdy House. That’s all day on the computer, on a day where I literally wilted from a head cold (one that almost erased my voice on the weekend). Yes, this is all necessary work but a full day of it leaves me a bit hollow.

So to keep things in the continuum of art, this (image) is at least something recent, another in my series of gel transfer prints on found book board, with painting elements added.

send me your answer




send me your answer / mixed media on cradled wood board / 8 x 10 x 1.5 inches

a painting on book board (including spine), which is then mounted to the wood frame, and then more painting done to integrate the whole, and unified with layers of varnish

the costume dress, in black; the veil, its black dots bending in light and form; spilling shadows, the pall of grey; the approach, the steady stare, the bent perception; intensely exploring, isolating, hungering; the illusive power of the supernatural, close at hand, and quickly descending, within

so much textured darkness in this piece, it needs to be examined up close

so many i’s


so many i’s / an original painting on cradled wood board / 10 x 20 inches

an ink drawing on found paper

led to mounting that on the inside of book board (the entire cover, including spine, opened)

which led to cutting that book cover in half,

and painting something new on one half

and then mounting both halves on cradled wood board

and adding elements of collage

which led to painting and integrating and otherwise making it whole,

all these ingredients or personalities


untitled (gel transfer print)


I recently gave this ink drawing to a friend of ours down at the shore. Of course, I still had the digital scan/image of it and, being an artist, I couldn’t help but use it when I started experimenting with gel transfer prints. I made the one below on the inside back cover of a found book, right over the old library card pocket.



The thing I really like about gel transfer: every print is unique, because the image infuses directly into the gel medium (before it dries), adhering to its texture (which is why it even folds over the edges of the library card pocket). And even a touch of colour can radically affect the otherwise transparent gel, as it did here.