ink paintings on compact discs


So I’ve been making ink paintings on old compact discs.



I put on the primer very wet, trying to leave some of the original printing so you know who the artist is (with some minimal-aesthetic bands like Radiohead, this is not so easy).



I like the centre hole being in the way. I like the weird smoothness of plastic, the way ink just sits on it.


I do a quick varnish spray over the artwork but at the end of the day these are still less durable than most of my art; you can handle them, but with care.


Each one is mounted on white presentation board (with a drop of rubber cement – the same stuff that holds your new credit card to the letter from the bank – so easily removed) cut to fit inside a matching envelope, so the artwork as a whole is packaged for gift giving (or sending).


I’ll have fourteen of these at the Fat Goose show this Sunday (along with a ton of other work). They’re $30 each. I would have made more but I ran out of time!


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