and all my ambitions like ice


and all my ambitions like ice / an original drawing in blue India ink on vintage book paper

Could have used some ice this morning, walking to work dressed like I was off to gym class and still sweating bullets as I made my way through a fog that felt like hot spray. We just had a few days of lovely cool here, just enough to make one smile at the idea of fall, but then came this crude idea of August, roaring back with the worst kind of blunt heat.

Found two dimes in the park yesterday. Brought them home and gave them to Oona. They mean almost nothing to her (“How much is this, daddy?”) but I do love that idea of having some small tokens to give her when I come home, as if the world was just scattered with little treasure.

Put a short story in my Soundcloud today, if you care to give it a listen (or download it for later). Happy Fall!


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