into the gloom (that most fashionable gloom)

Sides one and two of a vertical banner called ‘into the gloom’; it hangs like so …

… other details are here. I like the vertical banner, the victorious nature of it, plus something vaguely Asian.

Let me confess something: I only blog at night and at that time I often have no idea what to say. Which is vastly different from having nothing to say –– I do have things to say, and often I’ve thought about these things earlier in the day, and perhaps even made notes on them. But then something happens right after supper, right after my kid’s bath, as I’m lying here in the bedroom, with my laptop, and that something is a kind of nothingness, or a blank. I just can’t think what I wanted to say (and often I can’t even think to look at those notes). It’s as if my mind goes off the clock, and I’m left with the dead internal air of an office that’s closed for the day.

Sasha (veiled) // library card art pack no. 10 // escape from a dreaming planet // another day burned away

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