no one can stop me now (Tonk)

no one can stop me now (Tonk)

mixed media on masonite panel

(gel emulsion transfer, collage, pencil, crayon, acrylic, enamel, varnish)

5 x 7 inches

no one can stop me now. especially not you, Tonk. i’m the whirling dervish of many arms. i’m an acrobat of destruction. how you gonna win? of course it’s no game but then again it might as well be. the stakes are different but the stakes are the same. it’s a showdown. hell, i’m not worried at all. you can’t play scared. you can’t play afraid. we’ll go over the edge together, spinning and laughing, into the void, hand in hand, sure we’re both dropping but someone’s gonna let go first, believe me.

––    ––––––––––––    ––

I have this corpse in my mouth whose name is graphic design, and the trouble is I’ve had my fill, my guts are bursting with so much undigestible faux meat. If you have dreams of putting pictures in boxes so that other people can tell you to make those pictures bigger no smaller no use the original oh it’s fine anyway it’s the one I want then you should get yourself into a graphic design college immediately. It’s not hard – in fact they’re all over the place, just loads of public and private programs both, how could it be otherwise for a discipline which pisses with laughter at the very word?

Anyway, yeah a little tired. And definitely stoppable.

escape from a dreaming planet


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