lake effect seven

Tomorrow night – 7 pm, at the Renaissance (285 Queen) – is the launch for Lake Effect 7, an anthology of work by the creative writing students at Queen’s University, edited by Carolyn Smart, published by Upstart Press. There will be a multitude of readings and, more importantly, a cash bar.

My cover design for this book came down to three choices, which follow below. Keep in mind that you’re looking at the flattened (back cover/spine/front cover) mock-ups (uncorrected/incorrect) …

From which they chose …

… which is a bit of a hybrid (as these things always are). I like the blue/black, and the eye shapes, like cut-outs, to the reflecting lake surface. And the brilliant orange spot colour, and the human aspect, in deep-water thought, on the back cover.

As part of a series, this is a continuation of a process. You can see number six here.

and then i looked out the window // every day is dark all day


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