blue kangaroo (two)


blue kangaroo two, mixed media on cradled wood panel, 20 x 40 x 1.5 inches.

There is another blue kangaroo (the first, if you will) who decorates my sister-in-law’s office with clouds and rain drops and a blueness that deliquesces almost entirely into cyan. A coworker of my sister-in-law’s expressed an admiration for this original blue kangaroo, and a desire to purchase any sequels.

Well, here it is.

I don’t mind painting things on pure speculation, because it’s all speculation, in the end: I’m trying to invest objects with the power of pleasing an unknown, unseen someone (not everyone, as that’s the autobahn to mediocrity). I mean, it’s all a bit of a magic act. Is this your card? Is this your painting?

So we’ll see where this goes. If nowhere, I still have it, and I’ll try to sell it elsewhere. And sometimes these things just end up in our own home.

In the meantime, it’s nice to be doing some larger work again.

p.s. Those horizontal lines you see are lengths of twine, which I’ve used to lash the wood panel to the easel… and then I’ve primed and painted them right into the picture. You can see other examples here.


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