drip drip drip

doesn’t want to see / an original mixed media painting on masonite panel / 8 x 10 inches

So much snow on the thin roof over my daytime, working-hours head and some recent leaks (one just a little eruption which came and went, the other an ongoing, maddening, steady drip) have led to the usual reorganizing and reorienting and eventual editing (and yes, the landlord was told, and yes, there was vigorous shrugging). One thing this leave-without-pay has taught me is the difference between organizing and doing: the former is important yet often useless, while the latter is the only thing that matters.

No matter what the day wants from me, I always make sure I take time to create something, like this sharp blonde in her fuzzy red sweater, which I did to the soundtrack of dripping.

etsy // tinyletter // facebook // redbubble // supermarket // red-handed

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