there will be snow

Two owls, on Etsy and Supermarket. I always draw more owls in winter, and those owls always emerge more downcast as the snow gets deeper and deeper.

The path from the back step to the garage looking like a snow version of the Ypres trenches.

And what does it mean when they don’t plow your street? Is this some kind of city-level, passive-aggressive first warning?

I struggle along. I go about my business, only slower, looking down but around. Some things seen and heard lately …

• a woman (early thirties?) tell the cashier how her sister now has six kids and “will never get a man because …” (insert wrinkled-nose face here)

• a husband shrugging when asked if he’d seen his wife’s gloves, then being told, “I’m only asking because you’re not careful when you put things away,” to which he replied that he was going to stand ‘over there’, which she re-raised with a “whatever” and then, under her breath, “idiot”.

• a tiny woman in an enormous fur coat (black, delicious) swearing at her icy windshield and someone named ‘Herman’

And then I read a story about an owl who steals hats.

I also saw that Apple just broke the record for the biggest quarterly profit ever recorded –– 74.6 billion dollars gross, 18 billion dollars profit. Eat it, Exxon Mobile.


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