Elizabethan England, Weimar and The Russian Girl




I made these three library card art pieces specifically for the shop. They are pencil, watercolour and whatever original marks were on the cards. As bookmarks, or tucked into Christmas cards, or framed, I really like these pieces, and thematically they’re more in line with the kind of figurative work I want to do in the new year.

As far as more corporeal events go, I will be at the Urban Craft Market this Saturday, December 6th, from 10 am to 3 pm, at the Glebe Community Centre in Ottawa (175 Third Street, 2nd floor of the venue in the community centre’s main hall). I’ll have cigar-tin stories, library card art, works on paper and pieces on masonite panel, small works priced between $10 and $40.

etsy   /   tinyletter


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