the thing about unreliable narrators


here’s the thing about unreliable narrators / mixed media on masonite panel (drawing, acrylic, collage elements) /8 x 10 inches

This one had been bothering me for awhile, and I was glad to solve it. The original drawing (at centre), done in pencil and crayon in a moleskine sketching book, was made for a long story that eventually became a novel, and during that journey, somewhere along the way, found itself irrelevant. In other words, I did a drawing for a story that changed so much that the original drawing was no longer needed. Poor drawing! So it sat in a drawer for a few years. Bugging me. Even though it was the drawing itself that turned out to be unreliable. And it was that idea that allowed me to rescue it, and surround it with flames, and then blackness.


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