little big world

In an article in today’s New York Times, Thomas Friedman writes, This is a great time to be a maker, and then continues with the usual blather about the internet, global reach, low cost of entry, etcetera, etcetera. To which I would reply, perhaps.

Still: tomorrow I’m sending orders to Australia, California, and Texas. I like getting orders in bunches like this, with the attendant idea of my work being in distant, disparate places. Art is one of the few things that gets above and beyond our consumerist, disposable culture. Because it endures. Because we keep it for its own sake, we take it with us, even as we constantly continue moving. Perhaps even from Australia to Californian to Texas. Until we get old and die. And then a new generation gets to judge the art all over again. Do you want that little drawing from the guest bedroom at your auntie’s house? I know you always liked it. 


One thought on “little big world

  1. I would like the painting of my mother-in-law as a young woman, which hangs in her spare bedroom, painted by her father (my husband’s grandfather) – we already have the one he did of my husband as a three year old. How to ask?

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