goodmailday_helenx goodmailday_jeannettex goodmailday_kristalx goodmailday_tracyx

Four artworks for an upcoming exhibit called GOOD MAIL DAY at artstream studios in Dover, New Hampshire –– 75 artists using the postcard format, six by four inches, any medium. Since my imagination (crippled, disordered) is most often literal, I simply took four postcards from my correspondence archives (a plastic bin in my studio) and worked them over. The face-hiding is some kind of theme, I suppose. I could make up more but it would only be fluff or lies.

Taking a story called GOOD LUCK STATION to writing group tonight. It’s about a guy who wants to kill another guy. Original! But then it becomes something else. Been having trouble writing lately, which can be traced to a lack of notes, which in turn can come from so much artwork. And perhaps listening to too much Stevie Nicks.


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