library card art

As someone who grew up with library sign-out cards, it made me shudder to find them in piles beside computer terminals, to be used as scrap paper –– they seemed too much like artifacts for something like that. They had too much history, too much character. So I started collecting them, almost absent-mindedly, with no real idea of what I would do with them.

But then thank god for transparent ink. So now I’ve started drawing on them. You can find the beginnings of a collection here.


3 thoughts on “library card art

  1. The paintings are unique. I like the red profile “business card” model. But, I am not sure how this is different from using them as scrap paper. I have seen guys make amazing collage pieces from old items like broken lamps/electronics, torn clothing, pocket protectors, etc. I would probably have tried making some kind of wall art creature out of the cards…maybe a WORM, or BOOKWORM, ay? 🙂 Right now I am pondering what to make with some Hershey wrappers I compiled.

    1. I think it’s certainly different from scrap paper –– first and foremost in the sense that I took disposable cards and made them into art. Yes, almost anything can be made into collage, but that’s what makes collage so difficult (the public tends to denigrate anything made from glue and scissors). I think these work better as stand-alone, unique pieces, in keeping with the special history of each card.

      1. But, you experimented with painting on those cards in a way that might be compared to a sketch artist doodling or practicing for a final piece.

        I don’t aim to debate the thought I made, though.

        As for what “the public” thinks of collage, all I know is what I saw made by these grown folks was impressive and made me rethink the “scrapping” I have passed on in the past. These people recycled discards/broken items and turned them into works of art. And, it didn’t look like it was made by a child, either.

        So, not all collage need be juvenile…nor need the artist worry if what makes them happy is disliked by even the fiercest judge…like myself.

        Do you paint a picture that befits the book the card went with?

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