an original painting by darryl joel berger

HELP (speech to a crowd)

mixed media on masonite panel

14 x 12 inches

found paper, drawing in ink, mounted on board, integrated painting, collage, emulsion transfer, gesso wash, pencil and crayon, successive layers of varnish

I’m always drawn to the ruin of things, the way they degrade, and their ultimate endings. In the past this has manifested itself in my writing, which treats people like broken satellites, orbiting around bad planets, sparking and twitching toxic toward some final descent. But lately this idea of ruin has been making itself apparent in my visual work, my drawing and painting, so that I find myself purposely creating things that look neglected, half-finished, vandalized and ravaged by time. In other words, I’m making pictures with scars. Because what is a scar? It’s a signal of history, or experience. New things do not have this. New things are just shiny and stupid and boastful. In terms of my own sensibilities, I like the self-effacement of scarred things, the visual transparency or literalness of wrongness and mistake.


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