cigar-tin story number 189


cigar-tin story #189; contains the story “dark all day” – the title story from my book of the same name; a pushing story about hard choices…

At the top of the hill is a thin, wooden, two-storey house. Very old. Looking abandoned. Grey wood. Windows reflecting black. Only the roof has any colour, shingles slick red and seeping.

No path leading up to the house. Do you want to keep going? Do you want to go up to that house?

No Ears warned you that your heart would fail. Do you remember how he laughed, and kept laughing, all the way down, until he was just a speck, an echo, a warning in your head?


2 thoughts on “cigar-tin story number 189

  1. It’s about a third of the way in. The entire story is on an accordion booklet inside the cigar tin. It was originally published in my second book, Dark All Day.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment! I hope I see you again.

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